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Participants will receive a certificate of completion and a beginners magic kit upon completion of the program.

Presented by Magician Joel Delgado

The Art of MAGIC is proven to help promote self-confidence, enhance
creativity, inspire curiosity, improve social skills, promote mental health, overcome stage fright and public speaking, foster a community connection, and provide a sense of accomplishment.

During 12 sessions, participants will learn the basic concepts of magic and meet other magicians in the area while acquiring social and artistic skills helpful to their daily lives.

The workshops will end with a show where participants will have the opportunity to showcase their talent.

The Workshop


Sign up! Application open through May 30th.

Please, submit one new form per participant.

Parents/guardian will be asked to attend the orientation session on June 15th at 11 AM and sign a consent form.

Participant's language of preference

Thanks for submitting! You will receive a confirmation email with additional information once the application is accepted.

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